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Each playlist below contains several videos pertaining to that topic. Each video includes questions in the video description for students to answer. These videos could be used for:

  • Class Warm-up

  • Review of topics covered

  • Introduction to topic


  • Homework assignment

  • Method to flip your classroom



Learn about the origins of the nation with the Declaration of Independence, establishment of government with the Constitution, to the history of the Statue of Liberty and why the eagle is a symbol of America. 


History of the Holidays

From Halloween to Labor Day, Memorial Day to Presidents' Day. Learn about the history of the holidays and how they became American traditions. 


Native American History

Before Europeans arrived in America, native people had thriving, sophisticated societies. The native people of North America developed innovative ways to live and use the resources available to them. 


Early English Colonies

Starting with the failed colony at Roanoke, then Jamestown, the Pilgrims, and Puritans. This playlist includes several key events and short summaries of the early efforts of the English to settle in North America. 


As the colonies began to expand so did competition with other European powers for control of the continent. This competition would eventually lead to the French and Indian War. 

Growth of the Colonies


Road to Revolution

As the British attempt to pass new taxes and regulations on the colonies, American colonists grow upset with their lack to representation in British Parliament. This conflict will eventually lead to the American Revolution. 


The American Revolution

Disagreement with Britain would lead to the American colonies declaring independence and then fighting a war against a superior opponent. The conflict would shape the American spirit. 


THE US Constitution 

After achieving independence, the United States realized there was a need for a stronger more organized government. A new Constitution was written which laid the framework for the US Federal Government. 


Presidents of the United States

The office created in Article II of the Constitution would be filled by many leaders each with their own style and approach to the office. This playlist will slowly grow to include all Presidents. 


A Young Nation

As the country tries to find it identity as an independent nation, there are several major events that take place. This playlists includes: Whiskey Rebellion, Quasi War, Louisiana Purchase, Lewis and Clark Expedition, War of 1812, and Era of Good feelings. 



The issue of slavery becomes the focus as new states are added to the Union. With each new state comes new challenges and conflict which eventually will lead to a civil war. 


Westward Expansion 

The drive to move west gets into full gear as Manifest Destiny takes hold of the nation. Many Americans will stop at nothing to conquer the west. 


The Civil War 

The nation is divided over the issue of slavery and states rights. The conflict would be the bloodiest in American History and would redefine the nation forever. 



As the nation tried to put itself back together after four years of Civil War, new freedoms were extended to formerly enslaved people but soon those rights were lost. 


Black History Month

Some short biographies of great African Americans in our nation's history. 


Women's History Month

Highlighting some of the great women of American History and their many contributions.


The Gilded Age

In the time period after the Civil War until 1900 the country experienced enormous economic growth, labor disputes, and a spirit of invention!

The Wild West

From the late 1860s through the 1890s more and more Americans flooded into the west. This time period came to be known as a wild time in American History!


World War I

Conflict in Europe broke out in that mid-1910s. By 1917, the United States was pulled into the conflict that claimed millions of lives. 


The Roaring Twenties

The 1920s brought a time of rapid change in all areas of American society. From prohibition, women's rights, and racial unrest the decade shaped the American identity. 

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The Great Depression

The decade of the 1930s was a time period marked by hard economic times. People were out of work and desperate to support themselves and their families. Eventual government intervention attempted to remedy the problems and provide aid to citizens.

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