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See what others have said about the Daily Bellringer videos on YouTube:

-Thank you for all your videos! I appreciate all the time and effort you have put into making these and for sharing them with all of us. I love the length of the videos especially!!!! Not too long and nice visuals!!!!

-Daily Bellringer it sure is a good resource! My 8th grader watches your videos and In addition, I got the worksheets that go with each video which is perfect because he retains the information easier. He talks to us about what he learned during dinner and my husband and I enjoy learning as well.

 -I want to let you know with the chaos of this year and last year these videos and worksheets have been a Godsend. The student get the information and I can assess the knowledge.

-I have been using your videos to help my fifth students understand these challenging concepts while learning virtually.  One of my students said today, "He is the best at explaining history."  Thank you!

-Your videos are so well prepared and thorough! Much better than a lecture. My students truly learn from them. Awesome.

-This will be perfect for our homeschooling class. We watch a lot of your videos as add-ons to our lessons. Thank you soooo much for all of your videos.


-I love your channel - the kids are always disappointed if I can't find one of your videos on the topic and have to watch one from another source.


-Thank you so much for this! I'm struggling a bit in my history class and I'm grateful for how short, to the point, and easy to understand this is.

-My teacher uses these all the time and they are awesome! They are straightforward and help you understand but also are entertaining and interesting, thank you!

-As a teacher who teaches U.S History to 8th graders, your videos are a great way to start my classes! Thank you for the questions and informative videos that help my students to study for my course.

-Thank you so much for your content!  I discovered your videos during quarantine when we needed to teach online lessons.  It was a great way for the students to see a professional! I teach 8th-grade American history, and your lessons follow our traditional textbook lessons very closely! Bravo, sir!

-Reading the Constitution is confusing cause of the old words for me but you explaining helps me paint a full picture thank you!


-This is the only channel that doesn't drive me insane when doing school work.


-Thank you for helping me with my social studies homework!

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